Social Marketing

31 May 5 Tools to Track Your Social Media Success

Social media tools allow you to actively communicate with current and potential consumers. Shifting your focus from talking at people to talking to them through social media is a huge step. In fact, it is a step that can take your company to a whole new level. The difference between communicating with consumers and communicating to consumers is important. To communicate with consumers is to speak and to listen. To communicate to consumers is to merely speak. Social media allows you to amplify all of your communications and quickly develop relationships with consumers. The big question many social media marketers must face, then, is: how do you know when it's working? Knowing when your social media efforts are successful is imperative. Spark Boutik teaches clients that managing, monitoring, and measuring results is vital to success and recreating that success. Unfortunately, it is difficult to personally measure 140 characters, a like, a fan or a follow! That is why social media marketers rely on analytic and measurement tools. Here are five tools that can help you track and measure your social media success!
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26 May Clay Hebert on Social Media ROI

Recently, Spark Boutik had the chance to sit down with a leading thinker on social ROI to ask him about the industry.  He spoon fed us some awesome information we just had to share.  Below is our interview with Clay Hebert. 1. Please tell me a bit about your background. How did you get into social media and, specifically, into understanding social media ROI? Back in 2003, I was working for Accenture, flying around the country working on large-scale consulting projects. During a layover in O'Hare, I needed a book to read for the second leg of my flight and saw this strange looking purple book in the airport bookstore. It was Purple Cow by Seth Godin. It was the first business book that really spoke to me. When I got home, I immediately subscribed to Seth's blog, and ordered everything he'd ever written and devoured it. Soon after that, I read The Cluetrain Manifesto and Naked Conversations. I knew that the changes these books spoke of were imminent, but I didn't know how they would end up impacting my life. In 2007, I dabbled with blogging and in early 2008, I discovered Twitter. Later that year, I read Tribes and then got a chance to move to New York to participate in Seth Godin's Alt-MBA program. While the program didn't focus on social media specifically, it was a lens through which I looked at many of the concepts and ideas. After the program, I founded Tribes Win, a marketing and innovation agency based in New York City. We help brands lead their tribes using the social web.
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25 May How Brand Reputation Relies on Social Media

According to a poll from Effie Worldwide and Mashable, 70% of brands plan to increase their social media spending by more than 10% in 2011. So, the big question is no longer whether social media is an important segment of a marketing plan. Instead, the question is how important social media is to a successful marketing plan. The only way to determine how important social media is to a company is to determine how extensively brand reputation relies on social media. There are three critical ways your brand relies (or should be relying) on social media, customer service, personal connection and engagement, and converting naysayers. Customer Service Perhaps the most obvious way in which brand reputation relies on social media is related to customer service. The phone number of a customer service centre with a ridiculous call holding time is not nearly as effective as it once was. A contact form with a note promising a response within twenty-four hours is even worse. Today, customers want instant responses, and social media allows you the opportunity to provide just that. If your brand is not already using social media as a way to improve customer support, now is the time to look into it. More and more customers are turning to social media for answers to questions not covered on your website.
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