About Spark Boutik

Our Story

Our Story Spark BoutikSpark Boutik is a boutique digital marketing company with a focus on social marketing. We work with clients to establish and maintain their digital presence. We have helped brands in the early stages of brand establishment, logo creation and website design. We have also helped brands that were already executing social marketing efforts and needed guidance to achieve the returns they had hoped for. Whether you are just starting out or well on your way, our team of designers, programmers, copywriters, community managers and marketers can help you bring your brand to life online.

Our team is well connected within the growing social community and we’re early adopters of new technologies & platforms. The combination of our knowledge and our growing network allows us to be at the forefront of innovative solutions. To top it all off, our boutique culture and seven step process allow us to work closely with you. We will develop, execute and manage initiatives as we bring attention to your brand, manage buzz and build community.

Our ultimate goal is to formulate concepts that generate maximum influence in the digital space, compliment the goals of the entire eco-system and Spark Conversation™.

Vision Statement

We aspire to be a digital marketing company which offers its clients the brightest and most creative ideas and solutions, while ensuring the working relationship and trademark boutique culture are never compromised.

Mission Statement

To be considered a partner that always remains creative in our ideation, aiming to integrate the latest technologies and concepts to offer solutions that enhance our clients’ position and further their brand. We will stop at nothing to Spark Conversation™.

A Part of Something Bigger

Daze Management Inc.Spark Boutik is a digital marketing shop, as part of a larger agency organization – Daze Management Inc. – which is a full business consulting and brand management company. This affiliation provides our clients the benefits of larger scope and strategic insights. The structure provides economies of scale and access to brain power of what is happening outside of the digital realm. When leveraged, Spark Boutik’s clients are presented with ideas and execution of campaigns that are well rounded and mindful of the customer experience across all touch points of the brand. After all, there is no such thing as a digital strategy — rather a strategy in a digital world.