SEO & Analytics

SEO and Analytics Spark BoutikExperienced

With a department dedicated to Search & Analytics, the team brings with it years of experience and Google certifications. Operating since 2010, we have adapted alongside the various Google updates. This breadth of experience allows us to approach each project, regardless of its last update, to ensure it is optimized effectively, according to current standards.


Our team takes great pride in practicing only white hat methods throughout the execution of each and every project. We will work closely alongside you to ensure your every dollar spent on SEM is done so as if it were our own.


Our internal processes are structured such that we complete a range of analysis which grant us an awareness to the trends of the market and our client’s competitors. This insight allows us to build strategically and attack the objectives in an order that garners maximum results.


Our search and analytics team is always in close contact with our content creators to ensure that the back-end insights discovered are brought to life in market. Similarly, the content team works frequently to measure their performance of published material, with careful consideration for how it is driving search and rankings.