Social Media is Not Free

Social Media is Not Free

WHAT!!??! It’s not free?

Many businesses think they can undertake social media on their own to save money. I mean, tweeting once a week, checking Facebook every three or four days, updating your blog once a month, and responding to your community every now and then is totally normal, right!? Ha! Ha!

Even in these circumstances business owners will find themselves overwhelmed with the amount of time and resources it takes to successfully create, manage and maintain their online presence. After a few weeks they slowly stop – give up – and throw in the towel. “That did nothing for me. I’ll go back to printing out flyers and having my younger cousin stand on the street corner handing them out. At least I can see that ROI”. Sound familiar? I thought so.

Below is an infographic by Focus that shows where time and money is spent in social media. The truth is that brands are investing REAL money into social media and ARE seeing a return on their investment.  So what’s the cost? See below… (then call us) 😉

Social Media is Not Free | Digital Marketing Costs | Spark Boutik Inc.

Woohoo, good job FOCUS!

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