Brand Awareness

Spark Boutik had the honor of chatting with the amazing folks over at Storenvy about why they started the business and how they use social media to get ahead. Below is our discussion with the lovely Janette Crawford, co-founder of Storenvy. She touched on some interesting points that are sure to give you some ideas for your business. 1) Why did you start Storenvy? We looked around and didn't see any online store systems built for average people. Most focus on things like "conversion funnels", "search engine marketing" and "SKU tracking". So we decided to create something for normal people who just need a solid online store and who want to get going quickly instead of having to become experts in e-commerce. Since day one, Jon had a vision for an integrated social marketplace, bringing e-commerce into the social web era. We're still the only store platform that offers a standalone online storefront in addition to a marketplace.