Facebook Ads That Convert

Facebook Ads That Convert

The average consumer is bombarded with more than 3,000 advertisements per day. That’s a whole lot of clutter to break through. So, before you jump into running Facebook Ads, make sure you know how to make the most of it.

Do you know which key factors will cause a Facebook user to click on your ad? More importantly, do you know how to turn that click into a sale? There are four questions you need to ask yourself when creating an ad for a social media platform like Facebook.

1. Who should I target?

Facebook offers advertisers several filters through which to reach a desired demographic. Try running several versions of the same ad while targeting different genders and ages.

Next, target users who use certain phrases and ‘Like’ certain pages on their profile. Let’s pretend you are advertising for a fitness company. You would want to flag keywords such as “working out”, “sports” and “gym”.

The goal is to get your target audience between 10,000-50,000 users and then test, test, test. You will need to target and assess a variety of audiences to determine which demographics are most responsive.

The great thing about Facebook is that it allows you to target an extremely specific demographic. Do your research before going in, but be prepared to experiment to find the perfect formula for your brand.

2. What should I say?

Facebook ads are short and sweet, which actually makes them a bit tougher to write copy for. Even the best of us succumb to Internet-induced A.D.D. And remember, leads are less likely to click on an ad that does not accurately describe the product or service.

When it comes to copy, the title is key. The title has to immediately capture attention and communicate value to the lead. For our fitness example, you might use the title “Free Fitness Tips & Tricks”.

Provide a clear call to action in the body and highlight the benefits. Why should the lead click the ad? Be extremely clear and give a definitive reason.

Back to our example, you might use the following: “Signup for our free fitness newsletter to get exclusive access to the latest healthy living tips and tricks”.

3. What image should I use?

Your graphic needs to be simple, eye-catching and related to your ad copy. Your image is only effective if it clearly demonstrates how awesome what you are advertising is. You may want to try using colours that contrast with Facebook’s blue theme. Again, you only have a second to grab attention. Make it count!

Note that you want to pick an image that turns heads. Studies have shown that unconventional and odd images attract the most attention. For the fitness company, you might pick a fitness model that has a unique physical appeal. Close-up pictures of faces also convert extremely well.

4. Where should I send leads?

You must determine the most appropriate place to send your leads. Pick the destination that makes the most sense for your copy. If you have to make a new landing page, do it. Sending your leads to an irrelevant destination leaves you open to missed opportunities. Make the next step obvious.

If you’re promoting your fitness newsletter, don’t just link to your homepage or Facebook wall. Send the leads to a landing page with your newsletter signup form on it or to the current edition of your newsletter.

How much success have you had with Facebook Ads so far? Do you prefer that platform to Google AdWords?

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