Why Infographics Work

Why Infographics Work

Infographics are visual presentations of data or information that use elements of design in order to attractively display content. If you’re looking to make your content more appealing and interactive, infographics are definitely the way to go.

Here are a few reasons why we think you should integrate the infographic into your overall content strategy:

They’re eye-catching & engaging

We’re not talking about your everyday bar graph, here. Infographics take all that mundane and complex data and turn it into colourful, appealing and unique works of graphic art. Infographics are all about telling a story. Images and words work together to share information and facts relevant to a certain topic.

The format piques interest and demands attention. As Internet users, we read until we’re blue in the face. An infographic, which breaks up the text while still communicating valuable content, is definitely a welcome change. It makes research, learning and discovery more entertaining and, dare I say, fun!

It’s everything you need to know, simplified

Sure, you’ll be impressed by the design, but you’ll be even more blown away by what you’ll learn. No need to rack your brain: infographics are super easy to understand. You could always read the whole 200-page report, but who has the time?

We’re busy people with busy lives and infographics provide access to all the important stuff in a convenient and efficient manner. They deliver the message quickly and clearly in one compact, interesting and appealing package. Because of this, infographics actually enhance comprehension of the content that’s presented.

Leave them wanting more

Infographics are so easily digested because they address the valuable ideas, facts and statistics that people want to know.

It’s true, you can’t relay as much information in an infographic as you can in other information marketing materials. However, infographics can function as a kind of teaser or call to action; encouraging users to read or download the extended e-book or whitepaper.

Unparalleled shareability

Because they are so easy to understand, infographics are also easily shared. Infographics often explode via social media and, in some instances, even go viral.

Be sure to share your infographic with relevant influencers and infographic aggregators to generate the most impressions.

Have you discovered any awesome infographics? Share them in the comments below!

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