The Content Marketing Explosion

The Content Marketing Explosion

Content marketing is a great way to engage your audience and promote your brand online. Most content marketing is being done on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and various other social networks and, following article posting, social media content marketing is the second-most popular way today’s marketers are promoting their brand’s content. (Of course, you already knew all this.)

What you may not know is that a whopping 90% of B2B marketers engage in some type of content marketing. In addition, 60% of B2B marketers plan on spending more time on content over the next year. If you haven’t hopped on this bandwagon then you’re missing out!

Today’s B2B marketers invest an average of 26% of their total budgets on content marketing. Moreover, 62% of companies go above and beyond and outsource their content marketing to qualified agencies. Everybody’s doing it! And why shouldn’t they? As a marketer, content marketing can help you realize all your dreams: brand awareness, customer acquisition, lead generation and customer loyalty!

Still not convinced? Created by BlueGlass Interactive, this infographic explores how B2B companies are using content like tweets, blog posts, videos, newsletters and case studies to promote themselves online.

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