Portfolio: Sportball Quebec

Portfolio: Sportball Quebec


Sportball offers non-competitive sports instruction for children 16 months – 12 years old. Kids are introduced to 8 popular sports: soccer, hockey, basketball, baseball, volleyball, tennis, golf & football. Sportball helps children to develop socially as well as physically, through a curriculum designed to reinforce self-confidence free from the pressure of competition.

Spark Boutik was engaged to help bring Sportball Quebec into the digital space. With offline marketing programs in place, Sportball Quebec had not yet embarked on anything related to social media or digital marketing. Spark Boutik worked with the leadership team to understand the business processes, goals, previous practices and consumer behaviours specific to each market.

• Customize the design & programming of Facebook Fan Gate which included material download, video embedding, and various integrated resources.
• Development of a Blog, integrating existing content into a branded domain.
• Create content and manage the community for various social platforms, which resulted in a 300% Facebook fan base growth.
• Manage Facebook Ads campaigns, which involved various iterations and led to valuable business insights.


Facebook Fan Gate

Educating the marketplace of what Sportball is, and driving trial of the experience was the core objective.  Spark Boutik developed a customer Facebook experience that would allow users to download a ‘Free Trial Class’ voucher, while also embedding various media such as introductory videos and downloadable information sheets pertaining to another targeted initiative.  Furthermore, this experience was made available in both English and Francais.



Sportball Quebec has been generating blog content for a while, but doing so on a non-branded domain. Spark Boutik worked to identify the various assets in which this content appeared, and consolidate it into a branded and owned domain.

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