Motivate Your Leads!

Motivate Your Leads!

Click Here! Buy Now! Limited Time Offer! Sign up Today! One Day Only!

Sound familiar? Every day, thousands of online consumers purchase products and services, enter contests and giveaways, and sign up for newsletters and mailing lists because brands motivate them to do so using a strong call to action.

Do What You’re Told

One of the main reasons that calls to action are so effective is because it’s in our makeup to follow instructions. Good calls to action will offer a solution to a problem or produce a desire. They will also create a sense of urgency; willing the customer to sign up or make the purchase right then and there.

The most effective calls to action are also very clear; they show the customer where to go and outline exactly how to make the purchase or follow another instruction. Most successful calls to action also provide an incentive or an exclusive offer that’s just too good pass up.

Making the Call

There are a number of ways you can incorporate calls to action into your digital marketing efforts. But what is the best way to do this? Where and how often should you integrate your calls to action?

Brand Website: It’s a good practice to implement calls to action on every single page of your website. Often, visitors to your website won’t take the time to browse every single one of your pages, so it’s important that you grab them in what limited time you have. Offer discount promotions, free whitepaper downloads, newsletter sign-ups or webinar registration – whatever it may be, make sure you have a call to action on every page.

Blog: As always, your blog should offer strong content that is of value to your target market. By doing this, in time, you become an expert and an influencer in the space and your blog will attract a relevant following. Place your calls to action in easily visible locations such as the sidebar or at the end of your blog posts.

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms are inexpensive and effective channels for reaching out to potential leads and testing out a variety of calls to action in order to see how people respond and what works best for your target market. See: The Lost Art of A/B Testing.

E-mail Marketing: If you send out a regular mail blast or newsletter, try featuring frequent incentives, such as webinars or information marketing materials, in order to motivate new leads to act now!

For more great tips on generating effective calls to action, check out 9 Rules for a Killer Call to Action.

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