LinkedIn Introduces Video…Finally!

LinkedIn Introduces Video…Finally!

Last but not least, LinkedIn joins the rest of the social media platforms by introducing video and bringing life to LinkedIn users’ timelines. With 500 million professional LinkedIn users daily, it’s no surprise that video is the natural progression of the application, but not for all users. LinkedIn has asked 500 Influencers to record 30 second videos for other LinkedIn users to engage with and connect with users in similar industries.


Video has been a huge trend in the digital marketing realm in 2017 and its importance continues to prove itselfnow with LinkedIn’s introduction of video to their social networking platform. However, LinkedIn is still proves to be behind other social platforms as it restricts the majority users from uploading videos, at least for now.

LinkedIn has asked 500 influencers to record short 30-second videos of topics that they frequently cover in their written content. These summarized short video clips are meant to encourage the connection between everyday business professionals with higher executives that can pass on their expertise and personalize large corporations. The videos will allow to comment like and start conversation that often leads to further expansion of connection in a specific industry.

Topics covered by LinkedIn influencers will range from diversity, workplace culture, to education and innovation, according the man behind this strategy at LinkedIn, Jonathan Sherman Presser. Influencer video topics will be covered by multiple influencers in order to provide LinkedIn users with perspective and spark idea.

As LinkedIn does not allow its users to  connect or network with people they don’t know, influencer videos will create a pathway for business professionals to become connected and therefore, provide opportunity.

Although LinkedIn only took a small step into the video realm, they have plans to open video up to the entirety of LinkedIn users after analyzing the preliminary results. Video can sometimes be hard to integrate into your branding strategy and many individuals struggle with feeling comfortable posting professional videos for their networkers but video is proven to be essential part of establish not only your company’s brand but one’s personal brand in 2017. LinkedIn is expected to introduce video to users globally in the upcoming weeks


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