Get The Website Clicks

Get The Website Clicks

What do all small businesses want? Customers. When it comes to building an initial customer base you want your content to drive traffic directly to your website’s sales funnel.

When it comes to online marketing, it’s all about getting the website clicks and pushing followers through our online sales funnels. Website traffic is essentially the number of people that visit or view your website. Most website backends allow you to further break down this information to monitor the amount of time spent on each page, the visitor clicking sequence and where visitors ended up before leaving your site.

Website traffic and website clicks are important to the success of your business, as it allows you to determine the demographics of the audience initially attracted to your product, service or overall brand. The longer those people spend online via your website clicks, the more likely they are to make a commitment to your business (such as signing up for your weekly email newsletter or following you on other social platforms). Understanding who is attached to your site and their habits once getting there, can help better determine the right course of action for your online presence. 

Need help attracting your target market to your website and increasing your website clicks? Follow these simple tips and tricks to increase your website click rate:

Keywords are essential in attracting the right website clicks. Search engines find and match the content associated with what the internet searchers typed. As a small business, you want to make sure that all keywords (and therefore, all content) on your website corresponds to what your ideal customer is searching and what your brand represents.

Blogs are a good way to share information of your product and service offerings along with your thoughts, experiences and opinions to your target market. They are also a great way to improve your company’s search engine optimization & website clicks Being at the top of your ideal customers searchers only increases our website traffic.

Create a linking structure for your audience to be directed to your website clicks with ease. By utilizing applications such as Linktree, you can ensure your one link on Instagram turns followers into subscribers, into customers, etc. Also, try adding a direct link to your website on each of your social posts on Facebook for your audience’s convenience (it’s already in your “About” tab but people are lazy!). 

Email Marketing is a fantastic way to directly reach your ideal customer. Newsletter subscribers tend to visit your website more than other followers.  Create some sort of incentive to get more people on your subscriber list. Once you have this direct communication with your ideal customer, ensure your content reflects your brand and has clear messaging. Then sit back and watch the website clicks come through.

Relying on pay per click (PPC) is not solely enough to get website clicks that turn into revenue for your business. Your organic marketing strategy must include tactics like email marketing, linking structure, blogs, and keywords in order to increase your website clicks and the number of followers turning into customers. If your small business needs help increasing your click rate contact us today. 

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