Portfolio: Elliott & Elliott Barristers & Solicitors

Portfolio: Elliott & Elliott Barristers & Solicitors


Elliott & Elliott is a newly established law firm eager to serve Barrie and the surrounding area. Shari’s combined real estate and environmental expertise distinguishes her from more general real estate practitioners. She has a proficiency that comes from over ten years of experience, including five years as a member of the environmental group at Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt.

In launching their new firm, and learning of work Spark Boutik had done with their colleagues, Elliott & Elliott turned to us to build and shape their online presence. Working with our custom ‘Social Media for Professionals’ program, Elliott & Elliott are amidst the program’s workings and already realizing an increase in lead generation.

• Optimization and re-design of a static HTML site, to enhance opportunities for content marketing.
• Creation of various platforms ranging from social media to email marketing.
• Training and educating the staff of best practices, routines, and tactics to continually execute the strategies that were formulated.



Spark Boutik was engaged to help optimize Elliott & Elliott’s current website, allowing for improvements in content marketing, social media, newsletter signup & distribution, and calls-to-action.  Below are screenshots as we compare the BEFORE and AFTER.

#1 – Homepage

  • Overall design improvements
  • Site navigation optimization
  • Social Media integration
  • Dynamic content brought to the forefront
  • Addition of Newsletter sign-up form
  • Media player to showcase ‘Practice Areas’


#2 – About Us

  •  Dynamic content remains on internal pages
  • Redesign of internal pages


#3 – Our Team

  •  Relevant pages combined to improve user experience
  • Alignment of team members and profiles
  • Elaborate Bios for principles
  • Testimonials pulled with relevant pages

  • Principles’ Bios appears in a ‘lightbox’ to enhance dedicated attention
  • Direct contact information listed to achieve a more personal culture


#4 – Environmental Law

  • Improved presentation of copy to achieve better readability


#5 – Real Estate Law

  • FAQ’s moved from standard PDF download to a dynamic interface
  • Optimized inquiry forms

  • Testimonials pulled with relevant pages
  • Industry plug-ins to enhance services offered

  • FAQ cont’d – User is provided an interactive way to discover answers to popular inquiries
  • Helps improve consumer confidence that the professional is knowledgable


#6 – Testimonials

  •  Rather than a stream of unorganized testimonials, presented in a manner where the reader is exposed to cases relevant to their needs


#7 – Articles

  •  Archived Articles & newsletters organized relevant to type, improving the experience to find resources


#8 – Blog Integration

  • ‘Content Management System’ allows content to be updated more frequently
  • Contact Marketing aids in
    • Organic SEO
    • Share functions to promote among Social Media
    • Comments encourage discussion
    • Provides a destination and information for inbound traffic
    • Helps establish Professionals as a trusted expert and builds Client’s confidence

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