Portfolio: Dukits – “It’s Better with a Crowd” contest

Portfolio: Dukits – “It’s Better with a Crowd” contest


A unique mash-up of crowd funding and concert ticketing, Dukits™ is looking to become the next big thing in music by having fans express demand in shows prior to going live. It is better for the bands as they travel to locations where they are in demand, while it is better for the fans as they are always guaranteed a vibrant crowd and an awesome event.

As a new platform, Dukits came to Spark Boutik looking for assistance in promoting the concept through targeted niche communities in the digital world.

• Develop social strategies to guide contesting, content marketing, and ads. Choosing to showcase the ‘crowd-sourcing’ elements, the “It’s Better with a Crowd” contest was born. Called upon concert-goers to upload their all-time favourite event images and share how their experience was better with a crowd.
• Custom design Twitter page and Facebook Fan Gate to included elements of data-mining, file submission, and share functionality.
• Manage Facebook Ads through demographics targeted by music genre interests, event interests and purchasing platforms.


Facebook Fan Gate

Non-Fans of the page are greeted with a call-to-action to ‘Like’ the page

Dukits FanGate A

Dukits FanGate A (2)


Having ‘Liked’ the page, the contest experience begins including file upload, caption, and data mining.

Dukits FanGate B

Dukits FanGate B (2)

Twitter Background

A custom Twitter background allows key messaging and promotion of other social assets.






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