Driving Sales through Twitter

Driving Sales through Twitter

Peoples’ social and purchasing behaviour are becoming increasingly intertwined. Users are becoming more and more comfortable with social media; trusting it more and responding to the ways in which it develops the traditional purchasing process.

Just as consumers are social, it’s no surprise that the products they purchase and the brands with which they interact should be as well. However, it’s not just about having a social presence, but using this presence to drive sales. Brands both big and small are taking to Twitter as a means to promote products and increase sales. Read below to check out some popular Twitter sales strategies.

Sony Vaio

It wasn’t long ago that Sony offered over 1,500 Twitter users the opportunity to build a customised Sony Vaio laptop at a 10% discount. During this period, Sony reported an increase in Sony Vaio sales of $1.5 million. While many social media campaigns focus on freebies and contests, the Sony Vaio offer had a clear sales target. The Twitter promotion offered Sony consumers value – a personalized product at a reduced rate; incentivizing users to buy who might not have otherwise.

Crowd Seats Tickets

Crowd Seats, an online sporting event ticket supplier, reports that 1 in every 3 orders they receive comes directly from social media. That’s a whopping 33% of business that never existed 10 years ago. Check out how sports teams are using social media to drive ticket sales by taking a peak at Crowd Seats’ infographic below.

What have your experiences been driving sales through Twitter and other social media?

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