Boosting your Brand with Pinterest

Boosting your Brand with Pinterest

There’s a new Social Media in town and it’s making big waves.

Pinterest is a place where you can “curate and share things you love”. Pinners are loving spending countless hours pinning and repining stuff they find fun, interesting and inspirational, and it didn’t take long for brands to follow suit. Now, more and more businesses are seeing Pinterest as a means to advertise their products and services, increase brand awareness, build community, raise website traffic and grow profits.

One of the reasons why Pinterest has really taken off is because of its simplicity. Pinterest is 100% visual. People are more attracted to images than they are to words. This is why many brands feel that Pinterest isn’t the space for them.

At first glance Pinterest might not seem like a natural fit for your brand’s social strategy. However, while you may not be able to present your brand’s products or services visually, it doesn’t mean you can’t create interesting and shareable content.

Even if you’re not in the business of trendy fashion, interior design or photography, there are many ways to leverage Pinterest and reap the rewards. Consider the following:

1. Information Marketing

You’ve written tons of ebooks and whitepapers, why not share them with your fellow pinners? Pin the cover photo, an infographic or another intriguing image from the document and link back to the PDF or relevant landing page.

2. Blog Images

Find at least one great shot to enhance your blog articles, then post it to Pinterest and link back to the article. Even if you use a metaphor (like the race to Facebook Timeline for Brands), find a great photo to illustrate it and start pinning!

3. Event Photos

Take photos at company events and socials and share them on Pinterest. You can even pin images of employees having fun at work or your sweet feng-shui office space. You’re usually all about business and consumers will love seeing your fun side. (Of course, be sure to get any necessary permission first.)

4. Pinterest Contest

Get your fellow pinners involved by asking them to submit images that relates to your brand. The pinner who submits the most fitting image wins the advertised prize.

Have you used Pinterest to boost your brand’s online presence? Tell us about your experience!


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