81 Social Marketing Statistics from 2011

81 Social Marketing Statistics from 2011

It seems like new research and new statistics are hitting the Internet daily. So, keeping track of all the latest social marketing statistics can be tough. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of 81 statistics that have helped us in 2011. Did we miss a few really good ones? Be sure to let us know in the comments.


1. Since April, Twitter has gained 40 million users and a 62% increase in mobile use of the platform. (ClickZ)
2. From December 2009 to December 2010, users with a biography listed on Twitter increased from 31% to 69%. (Pew)
3. Friday at 4 p.m. ET is the most retweetable time/day of the week. (Dan Zarella and HubSpot)
4. 48% of Twitter users either never or rarely check Twitter. (The Next Web)
5. Americans spend 2 hours, 12 minutes per day on Twitter. (Experian)
6. 62.14% of Twitter users are in the US. (Sysomos)
7. 66.93% of iPhone users who utilize Twitter are in the US. (Sysomos)
8. 51% of active Twitter users follow companies, brands or products on social networks. (ISMDealers)
9. 20% of tweets are about products such as invitation for product information, answers or responses from peers or directly by brand representatives. (ISMDealers)
10. 44% of Twitter users have recommended a product. (ISMDealers)
11. 80% of Twitter usage is on mobile devices, people update anywhere, anytime. (ISMDealers)
12. 58% of people said if they had tweeted about a bad experience, they would like the company to respond to their comment. (ISMDealers)
13. Used by just 8% of Americans. (Convince & Convert)
14. 55% of users are white, 22% are African-American, 15% are Hispanic and 3% are Asian; more diverse than Facebook. (Convince & Convert)
15. 23% of the “super socials” (habitual social networkers) use Twitter. (Convince & Convert)
16. Most users interact with brands for customer service. (Convince & Convert)


17. 75% of brand ‘Likes’ on Facebook come from advertisements. (Mashable)
18. More than 250 million people use Facebook Connect every month. (Facebook)
19. College-aged kids (18-24) made up the fastest growing segment of users on Facebook in 2010. (AllFacebook.com)
20. Chicago was the fastest growing city on Facebook in terms of usage in 2010. Houston was a close second. (AllFacebook.com)
21. During the average 20-minute period in 2010, there were: 1,5870,000 wall posts, 2,716,000 photos uploaded and 10,208,000 comments posted. (AllFacebook.com)
22. 70% of the US’ 149 Million Facebook users login daily. (Ogilvy)
23. Facebook is the top visited website, accounting for over 8% of all online visits. (Hitwise)
24. 46% of US small businesses utilize social media in their marketing mix. (Vistaprint)
25. 99% of online retailers plan to have a Facebook page by 2011 and 91% plan to have a Twitter page. (ISMDealers)
26. Over 40% of people have “friended” a brand on Facebook. (ISMDealers)
27. Used by 51% of Americans. (Convince & Convert)
28. 98% of the “super socials” (habitual social networkers) use Facebook. (Convince & Convert)
29. More users interact with brands through Facebook than any other platform. (Convince & Convert)
30. Facebook tops Google for weekly traffic in the US. (Socialnomics)
31. If Facebook were a country, it would be the world’s 3rd largest. (Socialnomics)
32. The Ford Explorer Launch on Facebook generated more traffic than a Super Bowl Ad. (Socialnomics)


33. Roughly one million new members join LinkedIn every week, at a rate equivalent to a professional joining the site faster than one member per second. (Online MBA)
34. There were nearly two billion people searches on LinkedIn in 2010. (Online MBA)
35. If LinkedIn were a country, it would be the world’s 12th largest.
36. 1% of LinkedIn users are responsible for 34% of the traffic.
37. 76% of LinkedIn users do not have kids.


38. The average American Internet user watches 30 minutes of video online per day, a 40% increase over 2009. (comScore)
39. YouTube accounts for 86% of US online video watching, Hulu, the #2 site, receives just 7%. (ISMDealers)
40. Every 60 seconds, YouTube users upload 48 hours of video. (Mashable)
41. Over 37 million people watched the VW Darth Vadar Super Bowl Ad on YouTube. (Socialnomics)
42. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. (Socialnomics)


43. 4% of adults on the Internet use location-based services. (Pew Internet Research)
44. Foursquare’s largest check-in was in Washington D.C. with over 30,000. (Mashable)
45. Gen Y accounts for 44% of US’ location based network users. (Forrester)
46. 56% of the “super socials” (habitual social networkers) use smartphones, compared to 31% of the total American population. (Convince & Convert)
47. 64% of the “super socials” (habitual social networkers) would choose their smartphones over televisions. (Convince & Convert)
48. 50% of the mobile Internet traffic in the UK is for Facebook. (Socialnomics)


49. Social networking is the #1 online activity in the US. (ReachLocal)
50. Social networks and blogs account for nearly a quarter of time spent online. (ReachLocal)
51. 90% of US Internet users visit a social media site each month. (ReachLocal)
52. Nearly half of Internet users use social media in addition to search when considering a purchase. (ReachLocal)
53. Over 50% of online consumers are more likely to buy from businesses they follow on social media. (ReachLocal)
54. Facebook has over 660 million users worldwide, with 154 million in the US. Up 38% from 2009. (ReachLocal)
55. The average user spends 25 minutes per day on Facebook. (ReachLocal)
56. 75% of US Internet users visit Facebook every month. (ReachLocal)
57. Facebook accounts for one quarter of all US page views. (ReachLocal)
58. 30 billion pieces of content are shared on Facebook each month. (ReachLocal)
59. Twitter has over 145 million registered users. (ReachLocal)
60. Users generate 1 billion tweets each week, or about 140 million tweets per day. Up from 50 million a year ago. (ReachLocal)
61. On average, 460,000 new Twitter accounts are created every day. (ReachLocal)
62. 40% of tweets are mobile and 16% of new accounts are created on mobile. (ReachLocal)
63. On average, US users spend more than 2 hours per month on Twitter. (ReachLocal)
64. 86% of consumers consult online reviews before buying, and 90% of consumers trust the reviews they read. (ReachLocal)
65. 78% of consumers say reviews are important when deciding what to buy. (ReachLocal)
66. 7 out of 10 consumers share reviews with friends, family and colleagues. (ReachLocal)
67. Yelp has 45 million unique visitors per month. (ReachLocal)
68. Yelp has 15 million reviews written and there will be an estimated 24 million reviews by the end of 2011. (ReachLocal)
69. Typical visit to Facebook lasts 55 minutes. (Harp Social)
70. 20 million Facebook users become fans of Facebook pages every day. (Harp Social)
71. Every single day, the average person clicks the like button 9 times. (Harp Social)
72. Every single day, the average person writes 25 comments. (Harp Social)
73. Every single day, the average person becomes a fan of 2 new pages. (Harp Social)
74. 29% of Twitter users 18-24 years old use Twitter to follow their favourite companies. (Harp Social)
75. 53% of people on Twitter recommend companies and/or products in their tweets. (Harp Social)
76. 77% of Internet users read blogs. (Harp Social)
77. 58% of bloggers say they are better-known in their industry because of blog engagement. (Harp Social)


78. Social gamers will buy $6 billion in virtual goods by 2013. (Socialnomics)
79. If Wikipedia were made into a book, it would be 2.25 million pages long and take you over 123 years to read. (Socialnomics)
80. Generations Y and Z consider e-mail passe; some universities have stopped giving out e-mail accounts. (Socialnomics)
81. 22% of Fortune 500 companies now have a public-facing blog that has at least one post in the past 12 months. (comScore)

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