8 Brands Doing Corporate Blogging Right

8 Brands Doing Corporate Blogging Right

While blogging began as an online account of various personal lives, it didn’t take long for brands to consider leveraging the power of this valuable medium. It’s cheap, easy and fast. Besides, if all those young people can publish their online blogs, then so can brands, right? Not exactly.

Blogs are authentic. Blog posts are written in first person and by real people, not ghost writers. Above all else, blogging is about the interaction between people. They’re designed to bring readers closer to writers. The brands that really get blogging know that the real purpose of a corporate blog is to inform – not sell. It’s honest, transparent and social.

This sort of thing doesn’t really fair well among most top-down corporate models. Few brands have mastered the art of blogging. But here are 8 brands that definitely have it down!

1. Disney Parks

You can tell that the people writing the Disney blog are authentic and genuine. They speak casually and have personality! They communicate with passion and excitement about developments and issues that are of interest to fans of the brand.

2. Caterpillar

The brand established separate blogs based on the various industries it serves: construction, marine and power generation. Caterpillar has built a thriving community around their blog. They do an awesome job engaging customers, solving problems and rewarding customer ideas.

3. Whole Foods Market

This popular blog is jam-packed with how-to’s, best practices and exciting product ideas. Whole Foods truly has their audience in mind every time they go to write a new post.

4. Starbucks

The Starbucks blog isn’t your average blog. It’s a global brainstorming platform where customers submit ideas for new drinks, food items, packaging, drinkware, products and store decor. The company blogs about these ideas while readers rate them and make comments. It’s a great way to build community and involve the customer.

5. Manpower

The Manpower “blawg” began with such a simple and obvious idea that most brands unfortunately ignore. They asked visitors to the Manpower website what information they wanted most. They listened to their customers and created a blog around those needs and desires.

6. Adobe

Adobe has empowered their employees by allowing them to blog on behalf of the brand. The Adobe blog offers tutorials, advice, reviews and other useful tidbits. There’s no selling – just real value.

7. Amazon

The Amazon blog is great because it reads like it was written by Amazon’s number one fan. The posts read as if they’re coming from someone who is truly amazed by Amazon and its web services. It’s a pleasure to read and that’s what blogging is all about. Having a passionate employee advocate write your blog is the best thing you could do for your brand!

8. Southwest Airlines

The Southwest Airlines blog, affectionately known as “Nuts about Southwest”, is a particular gem in the corporate blogging scene because it doesn’t take itself too seriously. The brand blogs about the airline industry and the company itself, but with a special personal touch that allows the company to produce awesome content.

What other brands are getting corporate blogging write?

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