5 Tips to Get Your Business Posts Seen on Facebook

5 Tips to Get Your Business Posts Seen on Facebook

Businesses are constantly crying out asking for help on how to get their businesses seen on Facebook. Recent studies say that a Business’s Facebook post is seen by 6% or less of the followers that like their page. That means that if you have been spending your Facebook Marketing budget on building your Facebook fans, you are still not going to make very much progress in terms of converting them into users. Why? Because while they like the page, they will not even remember that you exist.

Facebook is a business too, and it makes its money from advertisers like your business.  Naturally they are making it harder and harder to show up organically (free), so that you will pay to sponsor your posts. There are a few tips you can try without spending a dollar.

Facebook Marketing

  1. Test Posting Times

There is a standard of when the best time is to post on Facebook. This time is the peak time when there are the most users in your geographic area online and engaging in Facebook content. The general consensus is between 8am-10am and then again during the afternoon slump of 1pm and 4pm. This is considered peak Facebook hours.

Now that being said, you should test out odd hours that work for your business. For example, who is your target market? If your target market are parents looking for a solution to a child’s health problem it might be best to post in the early morning hours when the family is just waking up.

Another thing to consider here, do you want to be posting when all of your competitors are? More businesses are in competition for the same set of eyes at the same time is not going to be as successful as a company that is strategically posting in “off-peak” times. This will help you stand out and reach a larger market.


  1. Provide a Mix of Content

Your followers do not want to see the same type of content all of the time from your business. You have a blog and love posting? That’s great (on so many levels!), but you don’t want to bore your audience. Try to share content from other pages with your own message attached to it. The best way to so this is to add hashtags that are relevant to both the content you are sharing and they message you would like to get across to your own views.

Videos! Videos! Videos! – Videos shared on Facebook reach a much larger piece of your audience than text content. Original videos are killer for reaching optimal audience without spending a dollar.

Bottom line, there are so many different ways to post content (Blogs, Videos, Pictures, Social Shares) that you should mix it up.


  1. Be Clear About Engagement

This should be obvious to most Facebook marketers, but it is overlooked far too often. The more people that engage with the content you post, the further the organic reach will be.

The best way to be clear about engagement from your viewers is to ask for it. In the Facebook post as the viewers a question they want to answer. As with all Facebook marketing, don’t make this look robotic. Change it up for every post. Simple asking your views to “Like & Share” is tacky. Ask them a direct question.


  1. Target Your Posts

It’s not well known to businesses yet, but you can manually target every post you put on Facebook. You know your target market; make sure you’re utilizing this feature. Simple go to “Edit Settings” from the “Edit Page” drop down menu in the admin panel. Easy win for your Facebook Marketing.


  1. Keep Track of Trending Topics and Use Them

It’s extremely important to be aware of what is trending in social media. If you do this you can tailor your posts to acknowledge current events and with proper hashtag marketing you will reach more people. This is also great for user engagement. People want to talk about current events. Beware; make sure that you are being honest about the actual post as well. Don’t post “Blue Jays Win World Series”, and the actual content is about Instagram for Businesses. It’s deceiving and you will be called out on it in a negative light by your viewers. Try to incorporate your business into the trending topic.


Keep in mind while using these tips, not every post is going to get a huge engagement or reach from Facebook. There is a lot of testing for every business when it comes to Facebook Marketing and you have to find out what works best for your business.

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