5 Social Marketing Lessons from Kate Middleton

5 Social Marketing Lessons from Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton is now officially what the Internet would classify as “kind of a big deal”. It seems as though everyone has an opinion on her and as though every magazine wants to write about her. After the Royal Wedding, Kate skyrocketed to celebrity status. But how did she do it?

Turns out, Kate is quite the social marketing rockstar. In fact, she masters five important elements to successful social marketing. Is she a certified social marketing specialist? Definitely not. Is there a lot to learn from her regardless? Absolutely.

1. Know Your Demographic

One of the most fundamental elements of social marketing is knowing your target demographic inside and out. How can you connect with a group of people you can’t relate to? Always know the specifics about your demographic before you begin reaching out to your community.

Kate knows this lesson all too well. When you think of royalty, do you think “young” or “fashionable”? Probably not. Kate knows the key to success is the everyman, not the wealthy upper-class. She connects with the average person for maximum results!

2. Pick a Niche

Figure out what’s special about your product. Now decide who would be most interested in that special trait. Got it? Great, you’ve found your niche. Connecting with a small, targeted demographic is easier than trying to connect with the entire population.

Kate chose fashion as a niche. On any given day, it is likely that someone is running a story about something she wore recently. The world is particularly interested in what she is wearing and where they can find something similar for themselves. She has become a genuine fashion influencer.

3. Have a Personality

Remember, connecting with a corporation is difficult. How close do you feel to General Electric? They’re one of America’s largest corporations and you likely have no relationship with them at all. The idea is to show that there are real people behind the corporation. Show your culture and highlight the individual personalities of your team.

As the daughter of two millionaires, Kate appears surprisingly down-to-earth in the media. She can flawlessly transition from telling a joke to making an important point about a global issue. She has a background in sports and she loves art! She is completely unique and people love it.

4. Stay Buzzworthy

Buzz is organic conversation about a brand. It is authenticated by the customers and eventually let go of by the customers. That’s why it’s important to strive to maintain buzz. You can’t rely on one story or event to keep the world talking.

It would be difficult to grab a celebrity or fashion magazine without seeing or reading about Kate Middleton. The fact that she went to the movies was a headline three days ago. She continuously stokes the fire of her success to keep the buzz going.

5. When in Rome…

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. In other words, keep an eye on your competitors and see what works. Don’t be afraid to try what you see your competitors doing for yourself. If something works, use it to recreate the success for yourself.

In Kate’s case, it’s: “When in the spotlight, do as the stars do.” She is learning to avoid the paparazzi and how to act in the limelight. There’s no doubt that she is taking cues from some of her fellow celebrities. She is not above learning from the best of the best when it comes to star etiquette.

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