5 Reasons You Should Have Been on Tumblr, Like, Yesterday

5 Reasons You Should Have Been on Tumblr, Like, Yesterday

What is lost with many brands is that you must take your business to the people. In social marketing, that means using platforms that your target market is already using. You should even go one step further and sync your platform choices with your social marketing goals. Remember, certain demographics are on certain social media platforms and all platforms offer different opportunities.

We wrote a post not too long ago about choosing the perfect platform for your brand. You will still notice, however, that many brands are afraid to stray too far from the big four: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. This means that Tumblr is a hidden gem just waiting for you to discover it!

1. Visual Appeal

What’s a blog post without a picture? What’s audio without video? Not much. People respond to visual content more than they respond to written or oral content. Video content performs even better! Obviously, platforms that allow you to rock the visual appeal are ideal.

Tumblr allows you to quickly and easily post pictures and videos. Where some platforms are media restrictive, Tumblr is liberal. You can post quotes, links, chat messages, audio files – everything! Compared to others, the platform is much more visually appealing and interactive in terms of media.

2. Young Demographic

If you’re targeting a market comprised largely of people under 35, you should almost certainly be on Tumblr. Tumblr’s fans are typically young, trendy and ready to share. Why waste time isolating that specific market on Facebook or Twitter?

You will notice that forward-thinking teen shows, clothing stores and hip brands already have a presence on Tumblr. They are going with the current. Instead of focusing their resources on a big sea like Facebook, they are going to the targeted pond.

3. Engagement Rocks

Tumblr makes engagement even easier than platforms like Facebook and Twitter. If your goal is to build real relationships with your customers (and it should be), this platform is for you. The question and answer function makes customer service and managing sentiment easier than ever before.

Tumblr is the biggest rival to the traditional WordPress-style blog and it’s gaining popularity daily. Reblogging makes spreading your messaging across the community simple and highly effective. The young demographic is ready to share and engage when you are.

4. Early Adoption

Tumblr is definitely gaining popularity, but many brands are still struggling to find a way to make the platform work for them. Now is the time for you to outshine the competition by jumping on the Tumblr bandwagon. Learn the ways of Tumblr, use the language, imitate the practices and get started. Experiment and find a formula that works for you.

The advantage here is that you will have already established a strong presence by the time your competition finally gets around to creating an account. Be an early adopter and pave the way for your competitors before it’s too late. Starting today will give you the edge you need on this platform.

5. On the Go

Social media never shuts off. There are no 9 to 5 positions when it comes to social media. All platforms demand that you are on and ready to engage around the clock. So, a platform that doesn’t allow you to reach out while you’re on the go just doesn’t make sense.

While some other platforms allow you to do this, many do not allow you the customization Tumblr does. This is especially true with blogging platforms. You can make good use of Tumblr’s email or text publishing system, which allows you to format posts from your phone or tablet.

Has your brand thought about getting started with Tumblr? Have you already had success?

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