4 Facebook Features You Should be Using

4 Facebook Features You Should be Using

As many of us know, Facebook is constantly optimizing to improve the platform for personal profiles, brand pages and marketing opportunities. We all remember when Facebook Timeline for brand pages arrived and, by now, you’re probably feeling pretty comfortable with the change, but have you been taking advantage of the many useful features and functionalities that came with it?

Here are a few Facebook features that will truly come in handy for all you busy page admins and community managers.

1. Admin Roles

As a number of people need access for posting, moderating or analytics purposes, any given Facebook page often ends up having multiple admins. To manage this easier and organize your team more effectively, Facebook now makes it possible to assign various admin roles. There are 5 to choose from: Manager, Content Creator, Moderator, Advertiser and Insights Analyst.

2. Scheduling Content

Constantly logging in and out and posting content throughout the day can take a lot of time out of your day. Many community managers use content management tools and dashboards solely for the purpose of scheduling content. Did you know that Facebook now allows you to do it too? When writing an update, you are able to choose a date and time to the left of the “post” button. All your scheduled posts will appear in the “activity log” of your admin panel for editing or removal, if need be.

3. Reach Data

When you manage a Facebook page, it is a good practice to gain insights on how your updates are performing. This way you can make an effort to continuously improve this performance. Facebook allows page admins to view simple metrics below each post that detail the number of people the post has reached and what percentage of your fans saw the post. This simple data helps page admins test out the most opportune times to post content and generate a response.

4. Promoted Posts

As you can see through your posts’ reach data, content that is posted on your page will only reach a percentage of your fans. If this just isn’t good enough for you, Facebook also allows you to promote select posts for a fee. Once you specify how much you want to spend and the post is saved, the promoted post is immediately active. Unlike Facebook ads, you don’t have to wait for approval from Facebook. Promoted posts are shown as a “sponsored story” on your fans’ news feeds and, as your fans engage with the post, it will be shown in their friends’ news feeds as well.

How are you liking Timeline for Brand Pages? Have you been taking advantage of some of these features?

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