2018 Social Media Marketing Trends

2018 Social Media Marketing Trends | Spark Boutik Inc.

2018 Social Media Marketing Trends

The past few years of social media have lead us in the right directioninnovation. We predict to see a lot of changes in 2018; some enhancing our daily use of the platforms and others not even we can predict.


Influencer Marketing To Dominate

In 2017 we saw the rise of influencer marketing, including paid partnerships, podcasts, video reviews, and lifestyle blogs. Influencer marketing is a tactic that is used primarily via social media platforms by businesses to gain a wider organic audience. Approximately 84 percent of marketers conducted influencer marketing this year. With our minds trained to skip past paid ads, influencer marketing will be essential in your 2018 social media marketing trends

Rethinking Twitter’s Value

It’s predicted that this year we will see a lot of small businesses contemplating deleting their Twitter accounts. The last few years have seen a huge increase in visual and video marketing, which Twitter is not entirely suited for, due to the character limit and the vast amount of tweets clogging tweets. Content can easily be lost and the platform’s daily users are decreasing rapidly.

Instagram Live Videos Will Dominate Snapchat

Instagram continues to have one of the largest amounts of subscribers and daily users. With more advanced features than SnapChat and regular advancements, Instagram continues to be used by marketers on a more regular basis. When applications only change features once or twice a year, it’s easy to lose their attention.

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Chatbots to Become the Norm

We want answers and we want them now. Chatbots are expected to be integrated into the majority of business’ marketing strategies in 2018. Direct messaging is the preferred form of communications amongst Generation Z and millennials. Chatbots and AI are becoming so advanced, it is very unlikely your potential clients will know they aren’t speaking to a human. In fact, many integrations will make it easy for you to jump in and out of communication without a glitch.

Generation Z to Decide Social Trends

We’ve approached a time where purchase decisions are heavily influenced by our peers rather than paid ads and celebrity campaigns. A lot of today’s influencers are apart of Generation Z, also known as post-millennials. Generation Z will be the social trend deciders this year. The demographic, between the ages of 2 and 19, have power in numbers and are extremely tech savvy.

Social Platforms See More Governance

In an attempt to increase the amount of transparency that social media platforms may have lacked in the past, we will see a larger amount of restrictions and rules throughout 2018. A few things that we saw in 2017 were paid partnerships on Instagram to validate that influencers are paid to promote (rather than giving unbiased reviews). We also saw rules and regulations that were put on external Instagram planning applications, to restrict people from planning content month in advance directly on the app. The governance that we will see in 2018 will be an attempt to make social spaces better for both individuals and businesses.


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