13 Business Uses for Instagram

13 Business Uses for Instagram

Instagram is one of the fastest growing iPhone photo sharing applications today. With over 5 million users, 95 million photos, and growing, it’s a perfect application to consider when creating your tactical social marketing plan. Below are some ideas and uses you can use for your business, or for yourself:

  1. Scavenger hunt for a tourist company
  2. Marriage proposal
  3. Restaurant: for people to showcase their dishes and special guests
  4. Interior Designer/Home Renovator to post pictures of a redesign/renovation as a promotion.
  5. National Sports Team to post pictures of fans and events.
  6. Night Clubs to post pictures of what the club looks like every night to get people to come in and check it out.
  7. Wedding Planner to post pictures of an entire wedding, step by step as a promotional tool for their services.
  8. Bakery to post pictures of baked goods as they’re made, post pictures of the process, and the happy customers.
  9. Volunteer House Project to post pictures of a group’s time building a house or school as a promotional tool to encourage new volunteers.
  10. Artist: Painter to post pictures of paintings as they’re being done, pictures of open houses and events, and corresponding prices.
  11. TV Station to post behind the scenes pictures of all the shows, actors that come to the lots, and news updates of current events.
  12. Theatres to post pictures of the actors, musicians, poets, bands, etc. that come through every night.
  13. Magazine to post pictures of the editors, journalists, interviewers as they create the stories and layouts.

What creative cases have you seen for Instagram?


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