Our Team

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Steve Dao graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with an Honours BBA. Within Business, he had always gravitated to a focus in Sales & Marketing, which transitioned into working for major brands early in his career. With a passion for Entrepreneurship and a knack for technology, a transition to business consulting and digital marketing was inevitable.

Steve found a strong ability in helping people understand & leverage emerging trends, to help achieve their business goals. Leading an agency is rewarding, as he enjoys not only building his business, but every business & brand that the Spark Boutik team engages with.

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Christina graduated from the University of British Columbia with a degree in Health Sciences. She has accumulated several years of project and content management experience in a variety of sectors, including pharma, healthcare, non-profit, and more.

Christina is passionate about creating quality content and seeing projects to success. She has worked with various brands, clinics, and health professionals across North America. She is an avid blogger and writer and determined to capture the voice of your business and convey it in a compelling manner.

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Jason is a highly talented solutions architect with a background in software engineering. His unique approach to solving problems and thinking outside of the box allows him to excel at all his endeavors. There is no project too complex or difficult. Jason has the know-how and the ability to solve any problem thrown his way.

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Jolande is a Graphic Designer with an impressive background in Marketing and Promotions. That lethal combination ensures your branding reaches the next level while effectively connecting you with your consumer audience and her dedication to the creative process ensures your complete aesthetic satisfaction.