What We Do


Spark Boutik works with you to understand your business objectives, develop unique marketing concepts and then formulate online strategies to achieve targets. Once the objectives have been established, our experienced team then moves to develop content, build community and drive awareness to support brand development. Our suite of analytical tools and wealth of SEO knowledge allows us to best shape your customized reporting and measurable performance towards the defined targets.

Our digital marketing solutions can be best defined by the following four verticals:


Nothing is more exciting than the day you start your own business, or the moment your vision takes its first step towards fruition. It is for this reason, that Spark Boutik loves to work with Entrepreneurs; their passion and enthusiasm is un-rivaled.

In these early stages, there is a lot to do as a business owner. We work closely with you to understand your motivation and goals. We understand that this stage of your business process is a critical time to gain momentum, establish your brand presence and drive sales. Your engagement with our team will allow us to focus on growing these early-stage initiatives, while you to focus on your core competencies. We aim to be an extension of your team. Through this close contact and reporting, you can remain rest assured that our execution is always in line with the objectives you set, allowing you to stay focused on delivering and market.

Small & Medium Business

With your concept proven and initial customer base established, the difference between ‘being known’ and ‘growing’ is robust. Often businesses of this size are limited by budget when it comes to marketing initiatives. Spark Boutik loves to work in this highly creative and dynamic environment alongside motivated business owners like you.

Our solutions are crafted with your needs in mind, which likely include reaching new audiences, penetrating new markets and developing new messaging, while mindful of expense. Creative strategies allow you to connect with, listen to and understand your customers’ needs. Even the smallest business that has decided to dedicate resources to Spark Conversation™ within an engaged community will realize benefits. This results in deeper insights, better informed business decisions, heightened customer loyalty and increased sales.

Professionals & Firms

As a professional, you are aware of the value of your expertise and what your time is worth. Likewise, you understand the benefits of engaging other experts in areas relevant to your business’ success. We fully acknowledge that you should be dedicated to delivering and executing in your field. For these reasons, Spark Boutik has identified a strategic solution to serve business development and lead generation for professionals just like you. This means you can stay focused on what you do best.

Our team will work closely with you and your firm to understand target markets and key differentiators. We’ll help you shape your brand and distinguish yourself from the competition in the online space. We know that, for customers to consider you an expert in your field, they are asking the question “Why you?” As we work to Spark Conversation™, engaging with relevant influencers and those who require your services, the objective is to shape you into a leading expert and establish your digital assets as a destination.

Large Business & Brands

In a segment that ranges so drastically with respect to size and scope, we realize that budget may not be the primary metric; rather, engagement and community growth take precedent. Therefore, discovering creative methods of connecting with the audience becomes the highest priority. Integrating various technologies and platforms to build a fully functioning social eco-system helps ensure authentic engagement and the development of passionate brand advocates.

With the ability to deliver dedicated community management, you can ensure your audience receives consistent attention and monitoring. Frequent analysis of KPIs/ SEO/SEM performance and rapid social iteration lead to maximized results. Listening to your audience and adapting efforts to suit the response ensures you seize every opportunity to Spark Conversation™.

Customized Solutions For Your Business

  • SPARK package

    • Modest package that allow businesses to establish their online presence
    • Introductory strategies and Coaching
    • Conservative pricing

  • FIRE package

    • Engagement levels for businesses who realize the power of being in the digital space, and are looking to grow
    • Executing on popular tactics, with a personalized twist
    • Competitive pricing

  • BOOM package

    • A fully loaded package that has been built for businesses who demand excellence, and want to stand out from the crowd
    • Latest industry strategies and custom builds
    • Best value pricing