Our Team

Our Team


Steve Dao

President & CEO

Steve Dao graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with an Honours BBA. Within Business, he had always gravitated to a focus in Sales & Marketing, which transitioned into working for major brands early in his career. With a passion for Entrepreneurship and a knack for technology, a transition to business consulting and digital marketing was inevitable.

Steve found a strong ability in helping people understand & leverage emerging trends, to help achieve their business goals. Leading an agency is rewarding, as he enjoys not only building his business, but every business & brand that the Spark Boutik team engages with.


Reid Parker

Director of Search & Analytics

Since Reid graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University, his career has been dedicated to SEO. He has immersed himself within the industry, working in numerous segments and from various angles to build a hands-on, comprehensive understanding. This portfolio, combined with his numerous Google certifications makes Reid a true the master of his domain. With his commitment to our Clients’ objectives and his competitive nature to always do it better than before, Reid is an invaluable member of the Spark Boutik family.

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Lauren Ramesbottom

Content Manager

Lauren Ramesbottom is a Western University graduate with over four years of experience working as a writer, editor, community development director and content manager for various clients and publications. With her knack for creative initiatives combined with an unrelenting passion for creating engaging, targeted blog and social content, Lauren will work with you to develop and execute your content marketing strategy to its full potential.

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Mikaila Kukurudza

Content Creator

Since graduating from Ryerson University’s School of Journalism, Mikaila has been hard at work creating engaging health and wellness content for a variety of brands and publications. With a background in wedding photography and videography, she also enjoys designing and creating various forms of tailored, digital content. As an experienced writer with a wealth of creative knowledge and insight, Mikaila will work to develop and evolve your content strategy. 


David Tamachi

SEO Specialist

With over 4 years of digital marketing experience and 2 years of SEO specialization, David has long-since established himself has a trusted source for SEO expertise. Further, with credit to his extensive knowledge regarding WordPress, content writing, keyword research, social media growth, graphic design, and website audit process, you can trust that your digital efforts will be executed seamlessly and successfully under David’s guidance. 

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Nicole Fiorini

Content Coordinator

Nicole is currently a Wilfrid Laurier University student entering her fourth year of Undergrad, for which she is majoring in Honours English. Utilizing her extensive English background, Nicole will help to better establish your social media presence, manage and develop on-brand content and better engage with your audience to effectively grow your brand within the digital space. 
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Ashley Wood

Community Manager

Ashley is a Wilfrid Laurier University student with a major in Honours Communications & Business Management. Ashley’s background in communications and business enables her to establish professional relationships within communities and help to optimize brands’ social media strategies. Her passion for marketing in the digital space drive her to ensure that our client’s goals and aspirations are met.


Seyar Karimi

Sales Coordinator

Seyar is a McMaster University student in his final year of Undergrad, majoring in Honours Sociology. With a complex understanding of how society functions and the way people communicate with one another, Seyar can effectively build and implement digital strategies which reach out to the society in a way that will build your community, grow your social reach and aid in the success of your brand. Seyar aspires to take something small and help cultivate it in order to create a bigger and stronger version. 

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Jolande Amoraal


Jolande is a Graphic Designer with an impressive background in Marketing and Promotions. That lethal combination ensures your branding reaches the next level while effectively connecting you with your consumer audience and her dedication to the creative process ensures your complete aesthetic satisfaction.

Our Specialists

Darren Knight

Web Designer

Darren is our expert in WordPress and small business website solutions. His focus on designing high quality, usable websites that boost awareness of our Clients' brand, products and services has become unparalleled.

Jason Bryan


Jason has been responsible for Spark Boutik's largest and most robust custom builds. His knowledge that spans various coding languages proves valuable, when building solutions that align with Clients' requests.

Alex Tarkowski


Alex is a full stack developer who has been programming for many years, and can build out custom web apps and responsive websites in many platforms. His expertise includes custom WordPress themes, AngularJS apps, Rails apps and clean front-end design.

Ellissa Glad

Graphic Designer

Ellissa's work in capturing a Client's vision, and shaping static works is phenomenal. In fact, it was her creativity that shaped Spark Boutik's own Sales Package -- if that doesn't put our money where our mouth is! :)